Sketches from Imma, Sunday 26th Sept.

[Note: Click on the pics. to enlarge.]       

 Sketch by Maura                                                                  Sketch by Sarah OR                                                                                             

 Sketch by Patrick                                                                  Sketch by Lizzie

Sketches by Mary
.[Sketch of Plaster cast of Barbara Novak].
  Right [:Sketch of  "Rotoreliefs (Optical Disks) by Marcel Duchamp.'53]


Tracy O'Brien said...

Brilliant work done guys, was really sorry to miss it - was feeling awful and stayed home. Next week I hope!

Mary said...

Sorry you were not well Tracy. I loved the Post War exhib. There were a lot of printmaking exhibits in it.
I Did not get to see the Graphic Studio Gallery exhib. this time, but it is on until Jan. (However, it was not the same exhib. that they had in Farmleigh lately, I was hoping to view it again!) I got the book of the exhib. in Imma, so it will be nice to get to see the originals later.