Culture Night

Just in case this one slips through the cracks. There's a culture night on this Friday 24th Sep. What this basically entails is hundreds of free cultural events around the country and museums open until midnight. Also there's food and drink available to keep you going. Check out culturenight for more in the way of details. There's everything from animation courses to free entry to the Guinness Storehouse.


Also - Dublin Sketchers have been invited to sketch in some seldom seen rooms in the RDS that are full of paintings, sculpture, and rare, odd and interesting objects as part of Culture Night. Incidently at the RDS rooms the Narrative Arts Club will be performing a series of shows of about 20 minutes each, at the following times: 6.50 pm, 7.50pm, 8.50pm and 10pm. Get in touch if you need any further info!


Also for culture night there is the opening night of the Trinity Arts Workshop exhibition on in 191 Pearse Street Studios celebrating 50 years of activity so any former life drawers interested can pop along to that if they want. Starts 5pm till 10pm. However if you miss the opening night it's open until the 27th. Moredetails on the new TAW website

Posted by James