Museum of Modern Art - Kilmainham @2pm

Hello all

Hope you all well and not suffering too much after Arthur's finest yesterday! This Sunday we are all going to head for the Museum of Modern Art - mainly because it has a nice roof - so our ink won't run! There are of course some beautiful grounds if the sun does happen to show it's friendly face!

So - 2pm at the main Entrance and we'll go from there. Meet up in the cafe downstairs at 4pm - where if memory serves they have some great buns and food!

Hope to see you there - it has been a while since I've been in Dublin on a Sunday and I can't wait to get back into it!

Also a quick reminder of the night we have ahead of us - Culture night! As you may have seen in earlier posts below, the Dublin Sketchers have been very warmly invited to the RDS - so I hope some of you will go along. If members could make themselves known when they arrive there will be a little treat of a free publication for each of them, which will assist and inform the visit.

The entrance to use is the Members entrance on Merrion Road, this is located in the wing to the right of the main doors as one faces them.

I'm sure it will be a very entertaining night - the Narrative Arts Club will have storytelling with The Oh-Aisseaux. I can't make it myself as I'm working late tonight unfortunately but I wish them the best!

Take care and see you on Sunday,