Meeting this Sunday *12th September

Hi everyone,

Meeting this Sunday at Airfield Tust, Dundrum (Dublin 14) outside the coffee shop at 2pm. We will meet inside for coffee again at 4pm. Admission to the gardens is 6euro however there are ponys/ some farm animals at the front that you don't have to pay to see.

blurb off website: Airfield is a 35 acre estate with working farm, formal gardens, cafĂ© and shop situated in Dundrum, Dublin. It is a non profit Charitable Trust set up for educational and recreational purposes.Airfield is a place that reconnects people and nature, it is a place where they can reflect, be replenished and celebrate the fusion of man and nature through the activities of farming and gardening. We aim to nurture a respect and awareness of the natural environment. We offer a range of inspirational, active learning and cultural experiences that grow out of Airfield’s natural resources. We aspire to make Airfield accessible to people of all ages and communities.

For anyone coming from Town you can get the Luas to Ballally directions here Sarah