Calling all sketchers who have attended life drawing classes at the Pearse Street Studios

Hi folks and sorry for the no notice on this everyone but if anyone is interested and they have a couple of life drawings/paintings/pottery/sculpture/ a story/ experience written down/whatever to do with the Trinity Arts Workshop 191 Pearse Street Studios that they would like to submit for the 50 years of TAW Culture Night exhibition, they are accepting pieces for consideration (space considerations mostly) today Friday 10th September between 10am and 5.30pm.

Anyway - you just need to sign your name and contact details on the back of your work(s) just one or two (framed or unframed) and drop them in to the 191 Pearse Street Studios between 10 and 5.30pm today.

The actual show begins on the Friday 24th September between 6 and 10pm and goes on for a week after that. Pictures can be collected before 5pm on the 29th of September after the exhibition. So come on and be a part of Dublins Art History :)

Hopefully see one or two of ye there,

Regards and thanks,


If you would like to contribute to the exhibition mail
Send stories, experiences photos whatever...