Sunday 12th Sept at Airfield


     < Two sketches by Slimane>

Two sketches by Maura

Sketches by Mary                                                                                   Sketch by Deirdre

  Acrylic by Phil

Three sketches, by Jui.                                  


Mandy said...

I love all the sketches especially Maura's- the perspective is excellent.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Some really great work there everyone, Mary you're a star for posting them - thank you :o) Was sorry to miss it, will be another few weeks before I'll be back out sketching :(

Mary said...

No problem Tracy, also as I had left my camera at home, Deirdre kindly took the photos and e mailed them to me!. Hope to see you back later. We miss your creations!

Janet said...

I'm the person who never actually made it to one of your sessions. This past year I have been between Dublin and Seattle, now I'm in Seattle for good. But I'm still a keen follower of your activities. I am especially sorry I missed the Sunday at Airfield. On our living room wall here I have a painting that I did at Airfield a few years ago. It can be seen on my blog. Scroll down and you'll recognize it-I hope! Maybe not though as that garden at Airfield has been changed around.

Tracy O'Brien said...

That is a pity you haven't made it out with us - but never say never :) You're welcome anytime you happen to be in Dublin!

Must take a look at your blog tomorrow, thank you for your comment and it's nice to know you are keeping well and following our group :)

Take care,