Bits and Pieces, December suggestion


I really enjoyed the sketching on Sunday. The loose bowing technique of the cello-ist at the concert reminded me to try and loosen up my arm and body when sketching. I think it'll be fun to see what we all do with our "large sheet of paper."

I can't make the meeting on the 19th November. Did someone suggest that the meetings were held on a Sunday instead, after the regular sketching. This seems like a good idea to me, as we are all together then anyway - finding a week day that most people can make is harder.... Any one else think this is a good idea?

Sarah and Stephen, I think, were talking about a December "Xmas card making" session. I'm happy to offer my flat for this on Sunday 7th December if people want. There's "surface" space for at least 10 people, and if others don't want to make cards, there's plenty to sketch in the locality - Pepper Canister Church, Grand Canal, Georgian Dublin round Baggot Street. If people wanna do this - let me know!