An idea - 2pm - Drimnagh Castle Longmile Road - not city centre but 20 mins to 30 mins out from city

Long Mile Road,Drimnagh,Dublin 12,Ireland

Drimnagh Castle was, until 1954 one of the oldest continually inhabited Castles in Ireland, and is an outstanding example of an old feudal stronghold. It is the only Irish castle still to be surrounded by a flooded moat, a very picturesque feature, described in 1780 as a "very deep ditch of water supplied from the Green Hills". It is now stocked with fish. The castle, built of local grey limestone, consists of a restored Great Hall and medieval undercroft, a tall battlement tower with lookout posts, and other separate buildings including stables, old coach, dairy and folly tower. One of the most attractive aspects of Drimnagh is the garden - a formal 17th Century layout with box hedges, yews, mop head laurels and an allee of hornbeam.
It prob costs about five euro - I used to work here so I could ring and see if my old boss is still there and maybe we could get a reduced rate. There are plenty of buses that go to Drimnagh from town, 56a, 77a etc. not sure what closest luas stop nearest to the castle but there is a Drimnagh stop I think... more info coming... but let me know if anyone interested. Cheers. James

Opening Times:
April-Oct: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, 12pm-5pm.
November-March: Wed, 12pm-5pm; Sunday, 2pm-5pm.