New introductory course to painting with Acyrlics and Oils tutored by Neil Carroll tonight Friday 7th Nov 2008 - 7 to 9pm

Acrylic and oil Painting course starting tonight in 191 Pearse St. Studios (Life Drawing Studio-Pearse St.)

65 euro for six lessons or 12 euro per lesson for general public 35 for trinity students for 6 lessons
New introductory course to painting with Acyrlics and Oils tutored by Neil Carroll


Stephen said...

Shame the Floggin Mollys are playing tonight. I would have liked to go to this. I might make it next week.

Anonymous said...

a Course outline follows:

WEEK 1: Slide Show. Discussing various artists and their techniques
Materials. Discussion on the materials used and needed to begin painting.

Initial steps of painting set-up.

WEEK 2: Colour & Tone.

This week we will practice mixing colour, and begin to understand the vast amount of

variations that can be achieved. We will look at colour within shadows and colour in full light.

What is colour and where does it come from?

WEEK 3: Replicate a Painting.

Over the following weeks each person will select a painting or photograph of their choice to study and attempt to copy, while continuing to look at various techniques each week.

This week we will focus on brushwork, composition, and the initial sketch.

WEEK 4: In this class we will introduce some more techniques which are slightly more complicated, attained through the use of

different brushes and varying amounts of water added to your paint.

The techniques are: Scumbling, Glazing, Dry-Brushing, and working opaque.

WEEK 5: This Class will give you the chance to branch out if you like and take on a more challenging project. It's up to you.

WEEK 6: As this is the final class of the course we will concentrate on the finishing of pictures.

The little things that can make the difference, and on how to varnish your piece if you wish.

James Moore said...

Paint colours were suggested for the next painting session... Acrylics; Primaries; Blue, Yellow, Red, Earth colours Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Yellow ochre, black and white.