Sketches from today @ Drimnagh Castle

1. Chris 2. Catherine
3. Catherine 4. James
5. Paul 6. Paul
7. Phil 8. Tracy
Sorry about cropping/quality etc. Mine is very unfinished and I'm about to pick it back up again now to see if I can improve on it :) Thanks James for organising - was really great. Such a nice way to spend a Sunday!


James Moore said...

Ah you uploaded already, cool,thanks for taking all of the photos today Tracey and I think you've improved the look of mine anyway so cheers.

Really nice work by the way Catherine I love the line work on your candleabra - best of luck with your gothic portrait commission.

Stephen said...

Well done to everyone involved. Sorry I couldn't make it.

James Moore said...

TAW Blog Admin said...
Great that so many of you braved the elements and really good work all round.Here's some more quick comments on the work...
Nicely captured view of the castle Chris, sensitive and well considered work.
Very strong graphic quality to your work Paul particularily in the roof drawing,good perspective and composition.
And Phil nice use of colour particularily around the castle itself, nice contrasts between the colder blues of the windows and the warm colours of the sun on the stonework.
Was turning out to be an interesting picture Tracey, it's a nice composition, pity it was so cold working outside, it would be worth finishing again.
Which brings me to a final point in that we have been promised another session during the summer next year so if anyone missed this years drimnagh cstle session or wants a return visit when it's warmer...