Next Sunday - quick meeting

Hello all :)

Ok - since our last meeting over pints we have come to the end of our sketching location people list so we will have a quick chat next Sunday just to make sure people are assigned for the coming weeks. We can have a proper meeting then in early January.

We might take a break over the Christmas - or not - depending on who is around etc. Have a think about future sketching locations and possible trip away in January prior to Sunday and any other ideas for the group.

All new sketchers welcome!!


Gearoid said...

I'll hope to make it on Sunday, 1pm (location 'A', Mespil Road, on the map).The canal sounds great.

Gearoid said...

Sorry, Tracy. Something has come up and I find I just can't make it on Sunday after all. I'm really disappointed, but unfortunately I can't help it. Anyway,I'm sure everybody will have a great day.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Not to worry Gearoid! Will catch up with you another time!