Meeting this Sunday at 29 March, 1 pm - Il Valentino! Grand Canal Dock.

Ok Il Valentino is our meeting point at the usual time of 1pm Sunday the 29th March sounds very nice looking forward to sketching in comfort : ) Good suggestion Martha.

Dear Ladies and Gentleman!

For this Sunday I would like to suggest a spectacular location in the Docklands. It should be warm and sunny enough for outdoors, however I suggest to meet inside a lovely Italian cafe/bakery Il Valentino which is open until 3pm on Sundays and serves particularly proper coffees.
There are plenty of very sketchable glass-wall buildings, Italian bakery shop, water, construction sites... :)
To get there the nearest train station that you can see on the map is Grand Canal Dock. It is at bottom of Pearse Street towards Ringsend.

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Mary said...

Sounds great Martha, I love that area, plenty of interest, as you said.

James Moore said...

cool i'm on for that location, some great buildings,old,new
brillo pads !

Tracy O'Brien said...

Sounds good, hopefully see you there

Mary said...

See you there!
I am bringing free tickets with me for the "Art Ireland" exhib. in the RDS.It is on until 7pm this Sunday, in case anyone would like to go afterwards!

Ciaran. said...

Sounds cool. I'll be there too.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Sorry I couldn't make it today :(