Galway trip (in April?)

Greetings All!

I have started to put together some details regarding a possible trip to Galway this spring!

We will have 3 weekends in April, so may be we can decide which time suits best for most people:
1) 10(friday)-12(sunday)
2) 17-19
3) 24-26

There are two central hostels that seem best from the reviews.
The one that I suggest is "Sleepzone":
8 Bed Mixed Dorm Ensuite 22 Euro
Alternatively, Kinlay House Hostel for more or less the same price is a good choice as well, it has only one problem: it is a 223-bed hostel and children friendly.

You are welcome to suggest other hostels you like, however for most of the central hostels noise is mentioned in the reviews (some are hosting tours every day or have a night club in the same building) even though the overall rating is quite good.
There is is more information about hostels on hostelworld and lonelyplanet website:!10002!7!-1!563!!!-1!-1!-1!-1!13..!!!!!&PreviousSearchId=-1&TargetHotelId=-1&SubmitDates=False&VAError=-2147483648&IsSubmit=False

Please vote for hostels and dates in the comments :) It is important that we decide as soon as we can because rooms are already getting booked for these dates.
We could book 8-bed or 6-bed room or 2 rooms just for ourselves depending on how many people decide to go.