Galway trip - Updated

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

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It looks like 10-12 of April, the Easter Weekend is the winner!
For the moment we have 6 people who are planning to attend:


On Friday I am going to book 6 Bed Private Ensuite room for two nights in the hostel Sleepzone so in case if you were not sure but have decided something please let us know before then. The total cost of this hostel room per person is 50 euro although at this point you do not owe me anything for booking because the website only charges 10% of the price.

Galway Train timetable for Friday:

Please note that the bus takes 3h 30 min, which is 1 hour longer then the train, however the bus is more frequent.

Please don't forget to bring mommy's cookies and chocolate eggs with you. ;)


Fran Johnston said...

coola boola. do you guys all have good friday off?

Ciaran.L said...

Yep. Can't wait :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am planning to take a train or bus after work on Friday.

Fran Johnston said...

I'm most probably working good friday too so that sounds like a plan to me.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Hmm small thing - JJ is hoping to come too - would it be possible to book an extra bed? 7 of us? Really looking forward to it now :)

Anonymous said...

Tracy: sure, it would be lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

btw. does anyone have a contact of LizzieL? I would like to confirm that everything is ok with her :)

LizzieL said...

hi there everything ok with me!

LizzieL said...

Hi there,

everything ok with me! Took me a while to get the hang of the blogging :)

James Moore said...

Sorry not to make this and I will definitely try to make the next one. Just unlucky with the timing clashing with pre existing appointment in Cork.