Sunday 15th March

Hi Guys,

Really enjoyed yesterday in the Botanics -would be great to go back there again another Sunday when (if!) the weather turns.

During coffee afterwards, a couple of suggestions were made for next Sunday....

- Stephen suggested the Printers Museum which is open on Sunday and free and would have lots of machinery etc about the history of printing. Not sure what road it's on, but near-ish to Grand Canal Dock (if navigating by pubs, then the Beggars Bush and Slattterys!)

- Paddy's Weekend - I said I would look into it to see if anything it on. On the Sunday, tere is a Family Big Day Out in Merrion Square with performances/workshops/installations/puppets/storytelling/circus etc. It might be super busy though with tonnes of kiddies..... It starts at noon.



Tracy O'Brien said...

Thanks Jessica for sorting out this weekend! I'll be at home in Cork, so won't be out. Will be back for St. Patrick's Day itself though to see the shenanigans (hopefully something good will be happening!!) :)

Enjoy and catch ye again soon, T

Stephen said...

The big day out might be cool. It would be nice to sketch something with a lot of movement and colour for a change ;)

Mary said...

The day in Merrion Square is certainly action packed and loads of colour. The weather may be the problem though!

Anonymous said...

I would like a big day out too:)