Sketching Idea 2 - Phoenix Park 1pm Park Gate Entrance Sunday March 8 2009

Ok this is a good outdoor venue that has been suggested, it might still be too cold for some of us, me included, despite the fact that the temperatures are generally warming up at present, however those not up for outdoor sketching could go to a local bar and draw in there and meet the rest of the outdoor sketching crew there or in another cafe. Not sure whats around there apart from the Collins cafe on a Sunday. Hopefully you all know how to get to parkgate street entraance but heres a map anyway...

About the pArk...This is Dublin's playground - the largest urban enclosed park in Europe, with a Circumference of 11km (7m) and a total area of 712 hectares (1,760 acres). Situated 3km (2m) west of the city centre. Ornamental gardens, nature trails, and broad expanses of grassland, separated by avenues of trees, including oak, beech, pine, chestnut, and lime. Livestock graze peacefully on pasturelands, deer roam the forested areas, and horses romp on polo fields.
The main entrance to the Phoenix Park is at Parkgate Street. Dublin 7, near Castleknock. There is no charge to enter the Phoenix Park.
OK I am away to Mayo till Friday evening so will someone else pick one or other location and post and email the rest of the gang.
Regards and thanks,