Sunday Next. 22nd March - Meet at entrance to Dunloaghaire Dart Station at 1pm

Ok seeing as no one else has objected to this venue we will make it official now. Lets just meet at Dunloaghaire dart station entrance at 1pm and as Mary knows where to go we will just follow her.

I mentioned that there is a great exhib. starting on Sunday in Dunlaoghaire County Hall, near the Ferry, by The Dublin Painting and Sketching Club, (and on for 2 weeks). Someone suggested we go to Dunlaoghaire to sketch, and also see the Exhib. while we are there. Suits me, I love water! Someone elso may come up with another venue, also.

Wed. 18th. Edited to say this is their 131st Annual Exhib! They have been around ! I would like to check out if the painted chasm is still on the East Pier also!


Scribbler said...

cool, lookin forward to it!

Anonymous said...

I like Dunlaoghaire, let's hope it is warm enough for the outdoors :)

Mary said...

Tom, its not decided yet, there may be more suggestions! The hall is a big place at the end of Marine Road, and there is a pub across the road with large windows facing the harbour where we could sketch from i'm sure, if it was too chilly!